The Agile movement owes much to the Lean engineering principles driven out of the automotive industry in the past 30 years. Ideas of Kaizen – continuous improvement – Kanban – regulated flow of work pulled through a value chain – and just in time manufacturing are all evident in the main Agile tools and practices.

So here I am in Midlands – once home to the UK Automotive industry – you’d think some of those engineering best practices would have naturally spilled into the software industry around here. The thing is, I’m not really seeing it. There’s no real major IT players born out of the Midlands (yet) – with deference to the likes of SCC and other resellers and VAR’s. I’m sure the Agile flu is out there and people are catching it slowly. It really is infectious, and once you’ve seen it in action you can’t go back to the linear constraints of waterfall development.

I’ve started to make some enquires on various newsgroups and discussion boards. If you’re a Midlands-based Agilista I’d be glad to hear from you!