I haven’t blogged in a very long time – what does it take to get me back onto the WordPress? How about this:

How about Olympic mascots that a) look like one eyed-trouser snakes, and b) surely offend the Cyclops community worldwide?
The designers must have been sniggering to themselves when they gave the pitch:
Seb Coe: “So what have you got for us then?”
Designers “Well, we’ve got these things that look like animated love truncheons”
Seb Coe: “Interesting! So there’s a law and order angle, keeping people safe, yeah?”
Designers: “Not really, they just look like badly drawn cocks – look they’ve even got little japs eyes”
Seb Coe: “Ah an international flavour – I love it, here’s an obscene amount of money. Can you do battery operated toys?”
Designers: 🙂

I mean FFS!